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Ghosts of Times Past [Jun. 4th, 2015|08:00 pm]
So I had my vocab rehab meeting today and decided to come home after poking into the mall to look at pretty skating merchandise at Zumiez, one of the few reasons you can see me voluntarily stop in a mall if I happen to be in the area (but not as reason enough to journey to one.) Before I got into the mall, I was in conversation with a guy who recognized me from high school. I just managed to have a conversation without giving away that I don't remember him or most of the people we went to school with and never actually got to know people that well in the first place.

So victory on getting through a conversation. Weird feelings on anything connected with high school, the worst time of my life, even when I'm interacting with people who had nothing to do with why it was the worst time of my life.