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Updates [Jul. 22nd, 2016|02:56 pm]
Okay. So my parents finally are both taking action to clean the house, but they're doing so after they're at their slowest and the clutter is at its highest. I'm trying to help them bag as much trash as possible into contractor's bags so elder services can pick-up up to 40 bags at a time for up to 2 times. Though it's a bit overwhelming to be just 3 people dealing with this place.

Thursday I got a Section 8 voucher and have to move it or lose it. I also have one more year left of college so now I have to get an apartment in North Adams that's a 30-45 minute walk from my school or downtown. If for some reason you know that area, send me leads.

I'm finally going to get a phone with data (Pokemon Go broke me.) Any comments about customer service and price about any company I should know?

[User Picture]From: tenshikurai9
2016-07-22 08:38 pm (UTC)
T-Mobile's map covers North Adams and unless I really start growing roots there, I'm only going to be there for a one-year lease and then come back to metro-Boston. And I plan on doing the two cells I already own for text and the limited amount of calls I do. So figuring out most effective data when I don't have experience in using data is what I need to do.
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